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The Door

The Door

Craig WickershamLulu10/05/2017

What if someone told you that you’re not who you think you are?

Meet Luci, a trailer-park teen living with her grandmother in a remote Arizona town.

What if who you really are, has been hidden for a reason?

Last week Luci woke up to find her grandmother had died in bed.

What if you found out that someone had stolen your real memories?

Two days later, Luci had to move in with an old uncle she never knew she had.

What if your real memories were trying to find you?

Last night, Luci started hearing a strange voice in her head. An hour later, she found an ancient relic hidden in her uncle’s dresser.

What if knowing who you really are would kill everyone you know?

This morning, Luci escaped a deadly fire, but her uncle didn’t.

What if knowing who you really are would leave you completely alone?