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Lily’s Grave

Lily’s Grave

Belinda BennettBB Digita;09/10/2017

A flawed sprig of lace is the only clue to a killer’s identity in this gripping, fast-paced wartime murder mystery.

‘I can hear my own screams; chilling cries that bounce off buildings I cannot see and echo up the narrow street. I imagine them permeating the arterial lanes that run off it, stirring sleeping dogs and waking hungry children. If I had the strength, I would pull myself free and keep on running. But I know the face I saw a split second before warm, comforting arms embraced me. I saw it earlier this evening…’

When mutilated evacuee Lily emerges from the shadows of a blackout screaming for help, she runs straight into the arms of someone she can trust – young lacemaker Joan. Just an hour before, the girls had been standing next to each other in a queue outside a dance hall. Now Lily is bloody, bruised and ruined. Joan is the only one who can save her.

Two days later, the body of a murdered girl is pulled from a river – and it dawns on Joan that what she did to help Lily could have sent her to a watery grave.

This twisty, dark and shocking suspense story follows Joan as she tries to piece together what happened to Lily after she left her… for dead.

With airfields used by American and Canadian servicemen in the run-up to D-Day, not to mention a British military base, on the town’s doorstep, everything points to a stranger crime. But is it?

This small town story charts Joan’s innermost feelings, from the minute she slips on her sister’s dress to go to the dance to the moment the killer’s identity is finally revealed. Lily’s Grave will keep you eagerly turning pages to get to the truth.

Bonus: This book includes an original short story.