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What is Trailershelf?
Trailershelf is a curated site, dedicated to showcasing premiere book trailers and video advertising specific to book promotion to help readers find good books to read. We want to help you discover your next must-read by giving you a visual and sensory glimpse into the world and story of each book. You can explore our videos by genre, most popular, staff picks, and more.
What kinds of book trailers does Trailershelf accept?
Trailershelf is open (and curious!) about all video-based promotion for books, including book trailers, author videos, commercials or other new concepts of using video to get readers interested in their next must-read. But it has to be great. It has to move us, shake us, tease us, and make us exclaim: “I have to read this book!” Trailershelf’s editorial board of book industry experts reserves the right to decide whether we feel that your video meets these standards.
Who can submit to Trailershelf?
Authors, publishers, agents, booksellers, and anyone who produced a book trailer that meets Trailershelf’s standards is welcome to submit.
How do I submit a trailer?
Please click the yellow “Submit Video” button at the top of the page and follow instructions.
What video formats does Trailershelf accept?
Trailershelf only accepts embedded links from supported sites, including Youtube, Vimeo, Cloudup, VideoPress, Vine, Flickr, and others. In other words, you must first upload your video to one of the above supported sites, then send Trailershelf that link.
Does it cost anything to submit my trailer to Trailershelf?
Submission is free unless you are interested in sponsored listings on our site, which includes special placement in various sections, inclusion in our weekly newsletter, social amplification through our channels, and more.
What form of payment do you accept for paid placement on the site?
Trailershelf accepts Credit card and PayPal.
Once I submit, how long will it take until my trailer appears on Trailshelf?
It takes about 1-3 days for the editorial board to review the trailer and once approved, it will go live within 24 hours.
What if I need to change information on my video submission?
Please email info@trailershelf.com with your request and we will do our best to return your email within 48 hours.
Do I need to clear all music and image rights used in my trailer before submitting?
Yes, you do need to clear all music and image rights as well as accept our “Terms and Conditions” when submitting your trailer.