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Dangerous Ground

Dangerous Ground

M.R. RutterSolstice Publishing11/28/2016

Sinkholes. The perfect place to hide a body. Until kids decide to explore one.

Standing over the skeletons of young women discovered deep beneath the earth, Deputy Sheriff Ingrid Olaffsen knows she is facing the challenge of her career: crimes she thought she’d never see in rural Minnesota.

The oldest of eight sisters and the first female deputy in Fillmore County, Ingrid hoped returning home after her father’s death would help her learn to love police work again. That love of the job is tested in a way she’d never imagined as she hunts this psychopathic killer.

Soon another girl disappears and Ingrid knows she has to work fast before the unspeakable happens yet again.

When Michael Wilson appears in town, Ingrid is drawn to the enigmatic former Marine with sad eyes and a killer smile, but she doesn’t trust his motives. His kisses feel like the first drop of a rollercoaster, but Ingrid doesn’t know if it’s her or the case that Michael’s truly interested in. She does know that the only place she feels strong and whole is in his arms.

They must learn to trust each other and let go of the secrets in their past or a monster will be left free to kill.

How can Ingrid believe in love when she can’t trust the ground beneath her feet?